UPDATED: Help Translate eduCommons

Ever wanted to contribute to the eduCommons project, but don’t write code? No worries! It’s easy to contribute to the eduCommons effort with your language skills! The eduCommons translation files contain a list of English phrases followed by a place for you to type the translated phrase in your language. Here’s an example from the … Read more

Educational Remixes

I recently challenged students in one of my classes to build some educational materials primarily from existing, openly licensed materials. The results are in and the work is crazy / excellent / inspiring: Learn about how to use wikis and blogs in education at wikiblogedu.org. (Don’t forget to pick up a Rick Noblenski t-shirt afterwards). … Read more

Getting Axiomatic in Spanish

Pedro Pernias from the Departamento de Lenguajes y Sistemas Informáticos de la Universidad de Alicante (you may know as the author of CMS4OCW used by the UNIVERSIA consortium) has let me know that he has finished translating Getting Axiomatic about Learning Objects into Spanish and posted on his Contenidos Abiertos website. Pedro is doing many … Read more