Public eduCommons Demo

For those of you who have always wanted a chance to play with eduCommons, our OpenCourseWare Management System, there is now a publicly accessible demo available at Please let me know what you think!

Novell OpenCourseWare

I’m very pleased to announce the opening of Novell OpenCourseWare today, as part of Novell’s annual BrainShare conference. This is the first foray into open education by a for-profit training services group, so props to Novell for showing that corporations can take the idea of “openness” beyond open source software and into open educational resources.

Novell OCW runs eduCommons, COSL’s open source OCW management software, and is an extremely pleasant partnership between USU COSL and Novell Training Services.

UPDATED: Help Translate eduCommons

Ever wanted to contribute to the eduCommons project, but don’t write code? No worries! It’s easy to contribute to the eduCommons effort with your language skills! The eduCommons translation files contain a list of English phrases followed by a place for you to type the translated phrase in your language. Here’s an example from the French translation of eduCommons:

msgid “Course Discussion Summary”
msgstr “Résumé de la discussion du cours”

There are five files altogether, and translating them should take a couple of hours. If you have some time you can contribute to the cause, download the eduCommons localization files, have at it, and then email the results back to me at david/dot/wiley/at/gmail/dot/com. If you’re willing, leave a comment letting me know which language you’re working on!

UPDATE: Richard Miller wrote in to tell me about poEdit, software that makes editing the eduCommons (and other Plone) localization files easier. Thanks, Richard!