Educational Remixes

I recently challenged students in one of my classes to build some educational materials primarily from existing, openly licensed materials. The results are in and the work is crazy / excellent / inspiring: Learn about how to use wikis and blogs in education at (Don’t forget to pick up a Rick Noblenski t-shirt afterwards). … Read more

Tagging as Authoring

Too hard to figure out how to make this all run inside the blog at the end of the day… Hop over to for some thoughts on making it drop dead simple to collect, reuse, and contextualize existing resources, and find out when tagging can be authoring. Brian, thanks for teaching me to say … Read more

Structured Blogging for Learning Objects?

You probably know about Structured Blogging, a WordPress plugin for easily creating human and machine readable posts of specific kinds. (This is a screenshot of the authoring interface.) You can see the results under my book reviews tag. What I want to know is this – why haven’t we created a WordPress plugin for creating … Read more