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Archive of My Published Articles

Since my department at BYU has committed itself to open access publishing I’ve been able to get serious about putting my published writing in the university’s institutional repository called ScholarsArchive. So far I have 12 pieces in the collection, which are guaranteed to stay at these URLs for “a very long time” since the library is curating the repository. I’m happy as a clam that these pieces have permanent homes and that these pieces are freely available for the general public.

If you haven’t seen the published writing I’ve been doing (much of it with students) in the last few years, the majority of it is gathered on the David Wiley page in BYU’s ScholarsArchive. The articles include:

  • Openness, Dynamic Specialization, and the Disaggregated Future of Higher Education
  • Open for Learning: The CMS and the Open Learning Network
  • The Four R’s of Openness and ALMS Analysis: Frameworks for Open Educational Resources
  • The Open High School of Utah: Openness, Disaggregation, and the Future of Schools
  • Psychologism and American Instructional Technology
  • Open Source, Openness, and Higher Education
  • Open Educational Resources: Enabling universal education
  • Overcoming the Limitations of Learning Objects
  • Collecting, Organizing, and Managing Resources for Teaching Educational Games the Wiki Way
  • The Creation and Use of Open Educational Resources in Christian Higher Education
  • A Unified Design Framework for Learning Objects and Educational Discourse
  • Using Weblogs in Scholarship and Teaching

(PS. The system the library is using does not currently produce RSS feeds, so I’ve hacked together a Yahoo Pipe to produce a barebones RSS feed. The feed simply gives the names of all the articles on the site with a link to the main page. Hopefully a future update will make it easier to syndicate this information here and elsewhere.)

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The Instructional Use of Learning Objects in Portuguese

Keynoting a SBIE conference in Fortaleza, Brazil, I met a woman who coordinated the translation of almost half of the Instructional Use of Learning Objects into Portuguese. I love open licenses!

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Defining a Learning Object

This is one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a very long time. The cute yellow warning box says it as well as anyone could… Click through for a legibly large image from the Wikipedia entry on Learning Objects.