On the Relationship Between Adopting OER and Improving Student Outcomes

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I’ve been writing this article 30 minutes here and 60 minutes there for several months (WordPress tells me I saved the first bits in March). I’ve probably deleted more than is left over. It’s time to click Publish and move on. This article started out with my being bothered by the fact that ‘OER adoption … Read more

The Localization Paradox

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I was recently invited to participate in a Three Days of Focus conversation including the reusability paradox on the OE Global platform. The conversation opens for public participation this Wednesday. This is my initial contribution to the conversation. Thanks to Alan and others for the invitation to participate in this conversation. If you didn’t make … Read more

Connections, Counterfactuals, and the 5Rs

I absolutely love people who make the Herculean effort necessary to view well-known things from a distinctly different point of view. One person making that effort is Chiara Marletto. I was introduced to her work a few years and reminded of it again this week by the wonderful interview with her in Quanta Magazine. (I … Read more