Toward a Definition of Open Source AI

The Open Source Initiative, which has been the steward of the Open Source Definition since 1998, is leading a multi-stakeholder initiative to define Open Source AI. The definition is currently in its eighth draft, with the goal of finalizing the definition by October, 2024. There are only a few families of models that would qualify … Read more

Information Age vs Generation Age Technologies for Learning

It is absolutely critical that everyone who cares about technology-mediated learning understand this point. There is a seismic shift in perspective necessary from pre-generative AI technologies to generative AI technologies. It requires changes in the way we think about everything – from pedagogy to supporting infrastructure. I’ve been writing and speaking about this for months … Read more

An “AI Student Agent” Takes an Asynchronous Online Course

The earlier we all start thinking about this problem, the sooner we can start generating ideas and potential solutions. Given the magnitude of impact generative AI is having and will have in education (and many other aspects of life), I’m working with some diligence to keep up to date with developments in the field. Recently, … Read more