RIP-ping on Learning Objects

There have been lots of articles around the blogosphere of late ringing the death bell for learning objects. It’s hard to tell if they’re right or not, because no one can agree about what a learning object is (although I enjoyed reading that a urinal apparently qualifies). And perhaps that very statement is all that … Read more

Pedagogy-Agnostic Standards and a Much Needed Rant

It’s been too long since I’ve blown off some ID-related steam. The claim of pedagogy-neutrality in standards an interesting issue.

As I have said many times, I believe that the term “pedagogy-neutral” is not adequately descriptive, and instead the term “pedagogy-agnostic” should always be used. I purposely choose “agnostic” because of its religious implications: a pedagogy-agnostic standard “doesn’t know if there’s a pedagogy or not.” In other words, it is impossible to design a language which allows the expression of *any* pedagogy without simultaneously allowing the expression of *no* pedagogy.

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