More on “Intro to Open Ed” Course

Next Monday is the beginning of the Introduction to Open Education course! Hurray! We already have over 20 participants from major US instructional technology programs (Georgia, Indiana, George Mason, South Florida) and folks from six countries outside the US signed up to participate. I suppose the USU participants (my school) are all waiting for next … Read more

A Response to Stephen

UPDATE: This is in response to Stephen’s comments on my last post. If I had a dime for every time I titled an entry like this… đŸ™‚ Stephen, it’s nice to have you back. This article seems to still take the point of view of republishers or educators. Yes, I am an educator, and this … Read more

MLK Day Open Education Tribute

When a people find themselves more fully possessed of opportunities to exercise their rights as human beings than another; when a society becomes aware that it is in possession of greater comforts and enjoyments than another; and when at this same moment these prospered people come to understand that it is within their power to … Read more