Public eduCommons Demo

For those of you who have always wanted a chance to play with eduCommons, our OpenCourseWare Management System, there is now a publicly accessible demo available at Please let me know what you think!

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  • David, thanks for opening up this demo for others to see. That is really helpful. I realize in doing so you likely didn’t want to turn yourself into a helpdesk, but one question came up that I couldn’t find an answer to on the site itself. What is “reStructured text” (it’s one of the 4 permissible text formats in edit mode)?

  • nice to see the demo online! I also got a good ‘real life’ demo from Brandon and the guys visiting over here at European Schoolnet in Brussels, thanks to Riina for organising that. It was really interesting to meet your team.

  • Jeremy Rudy

    Hi David, is the demo still available? It doesn’t seem to be working right now.