What Memes Can Teach Us About Applying Educational Research in Practice

One does not simply apply learning science.

Do you know the #nailedit meme?¬†In its most common form: Someone sees a recipe or craft online. They try to recreate it. Things go terribly, comically wrong. They graciously post the results online, allowing us all to take joy in the degree to which they absolutely #nailedit. Part of what makes these memes great is … Read more

Why Improving Student Learning is So Hard

A few thoughts about why improving student learning in the US higher ed context is so hard to do. (These ideas may apply elsewhere, but I’m thinking specifically about US higher ed.) 1. Improving student learning requires changing student behavior – changing the things students do in order to learn. Students learn by doing – … Read more

A New Model for OER Sustainability and Continuous Improvement

Trees and lake

I’ve been interested in sustainability models for OER for decades. (Longtime readers may recall that the research group I founded at Utah State University in 2003, the Open Sustainable Learning Opportunities group, became The Center for Open and Sustainable Learning in 2005, which I directed until I moved to BYU.) And for just as long, … Read more