All work is group work now: Collaborative learning as a pedagogical and assessment framework for learning with generative AI

One of the main concerns about generative AI is “cheating,” or students getting credit for work they didn’t do. This is actually a problem that collaborative learning has been grappling with for decades. In fact, if you think of generative AI as a collaborator in a group project, there’s actually quite a lot of existing practice … Read more

Lessons from Treadmills and Owls: The Most Important Feature in Educational Technology Products

empty treadmills in a gym

Treadmills are iconic pieces of exercise equipment for the wrong reason. They’re famous  primarily for sitting unused in basements and spare bedrooms all across the country. These treadmills go unused despite having some pretty sophisticated features, including embedded video trainers who talk to you during your workout, realistic imagery of running routes, automated speed and … Read more