On the Impossibility of the Community-based Production of Learning Content

UPDATE: I borrowed the “community based” language in the title of this post from Martin’s blog, which reminded me of Yochai’s article and prompted this post. That language has caused confusion on social media. (Long-time readers of this blog will be surprised to learn that definitions matter!) I should have used Yochai’s language of “peer … Read more

Learning Engineering and Reese’s Cups

Reposting this message I sent to the Learning Analytics mailing list earlier this morning. When I hear people say “learning engineering” I hear them talking about Reese’s cups. I hear them talking about delicious chocolate (instructional design, or applied learning science or whatever you like to call it) and yummy peanut butter (learning analytics, or … Read more

S3: A Holistic Framework for Evaluating the Impact of Educational Innovations (Including OER)

This fall I’m once again teaching IPT 531: Introduction to Open Education at BYU (check it out – it’s designed so anyone can participate) and today I’m beginning a pilot run-through of the course redesign with a small number of students. I wanted to include a reading summarizing my current thinking on ‘evaluating the impact … Read more