Editorial Response

The Deseret News has provided an editorial response to the interview with me they published earlier this week. The editorial is titled Universities will be relevant. The things about the response that make me giggle are: (1) the newspaper felt a need to write a response to a piece written by one of its own … Read more

Universities will be ‘irrelevant’ by 2020

RT @zephoria: Most people who seek mass attention are unaware of the costs of being famous. Few know what they’re getting into. Coping w/ fame ain’t easy. If the Chronicle’s headline When Professors Print Their Own Diplomas, Who Needs Universities didn’t catch my colleagues’ attention, today’s front page story in the Deseret News seems to … Read more

USU OCW Receives Some Attention at Home

John said that a prophet hath no honour in his own country. While USU OCW has earned international attention in some of the world’s greatest media outlets, it has only just this week hit USU’s own news service, as they recognize in the story OCW Receiving National, International Recognition. It’s great to see the institution … Read more