USU OCW Receives Some Attention at Home

John said that a prophet hath no honour in his own country.

While USU OCW has earned international attention in some of the world’s greatest media outlets, it has only just this week hit USU’s own news service, as they recognize in the story OCW Receiving National, International Recognition. It’s great to see the institution paying some attention to this wonderful program.

While the administration may not know it, according to Google USU OCW is the 4th most useful / important / interesting thing happening at USU, only ranking behind the university home page, the athletics page, and the extension page. No USU college or department outranks USU OCW in the eyes of Google. Therefore no USU college or department outranks OCW in the eyes of millions of individuals around the world who depend on Google to help it understand what is useful, interesting, and important.

In a time when huge financial pressures are squeezing every university’s budget, here’s hoping that USU will recognize the long-term value of USU OCW.

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  1. David, I like your google statement. Nice to hear USU OCW is making strides. What’s the word on a BYU OCW?

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