NC Survey Results

Creative Commons may not have set out to authoritatively define Noncommercial Use with their recent study, whose results were announced today, but I wonder how people will to interpret their findings… There appears to be broad agreement among survey respondents in some areas (as I highlight below). Unfortunately, the report also reveals that its respondents … Read more

Contra NC – Mostly

In this response I sample from Stephen’s latest contribution to our conversation about the noncommercial clause of CC licenses, Open Content, Enclosure and Conversion, simply because a complete line-by-line response would take too long. I will rely on Stephen to call me out if I have sampled in a manner that misrepresents him, which I … Read more

A New Year’s Copyright Puzzler

A short version, a long version, and a surprise. The short version: who has precedence, the CC NC clause or the First Sale doctrine? The long version: First, a little background on the First Sale doctrine from Wikipedia (normal caveats apply): The first-sale doctrine is a limitation on copyright that was recognized by the U.S. … Read more