ESR to Work for M$

This one was just too funny not to repost. Enjoy this conversation between a Microsoft recruiter and Eric Raymond (Founder and Emeritus President of the Open Source Initiative) in which M$ mistakenly makes Eric a job offer.


A couple of times a year I update this page with longer pieces written as peer-reviewed journal articles, book chapters, or presentations. Enjoy! 2004 Scalability and Sociability in Online Learning Environments HTML Supporting Student Autonomy Online HTML Commentary on Downes’ Resource Profiles PDF IMS/SSP Comes So Close HTML 2003 A beginner’s guide to blogs. HTML … Read more

MT Affronts, Offends, Loses

Well, for all of their existence the blogs have been powered by Movable Type. But not for much longer, I guess. This morning 6A announced their new licensing plans. The free version of MT is now severely crippled: “No more than one author and three weblogs.” This certainly puts over the limit, with 12 authors hosting 15 blogs here.

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