MT Affronts, Offends, Loses

Well, for all of their existence the blogs have been powered by Movable Type. But not for much longer, I guess. This morning 6A announced their new licensing plans. The free version of MT is now severely crippled: “No more than one author and three weblogs.” This certainly puts over the limit, with 12 authors hosting 15 blogs here.

The somehwat good news is that the license for our version of MT (2.661) will allow us to keep doing exactly what we are doing. The problem is, we can only keep doing exactly what we are doing. There will be no upgrades to the blogging service at until we decide on a new platform and find a clear migration path. Some of our bloggers will likely leave. This really sucks. I loved Movable Type.

I’m all ears if anyone wants to recommend a direction for blogs.

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