CC Looking to Hire ED of New “CC Learn” Division

It’s a much better name than Creative Commons is seeking an Executive Director for CC Learn, a new division that will focus on education, broadly defined — from kindergarten to graduate school, to lifelong learning. The mission of this new division will be to promote vigorous networks of Open Educational Resources: materials offered freely … Read more

A New Hope for

Back in August of 2003 I proposed that rather than create a new education license, we rebrand the By-NC-SA license as the The idea had lots of traction on the list – Stephen even agreed eventually 😉 – as did many others (see August – December 2003 posts). However, because of some push back … Read more

What is “educational use”?

If you were given some curriculum materials and told that the were licensed free for “educational use,” which of the following would you interpret that to mean: a) that you would need to provide some reference or “give credit” to the materials’ creator, and/or b) that any changes you made to the materials needed to … Read more