A New Hope for cc.edu

Back in August of 2003 I proposed that rather than create a new education license, we rebrand the By-NC-SA license as the cc.edu. The idea had lots of traction on the list – Stephen even agreed eventually đŸ˜‰ – as did many others (see August – December 2003 posts). However, because of some push back from CC about rebranding as a strategy, the discussion moved another direction and to the frustration of many eventually fizzled out.

The rebranding strategy has become increasingly common for CC (c .f. the new wiki license beta), and rebranding is now an option for us. I therefore propose we rebrand the By-NC-SA as the Creative Commons Education License, and create a special commons deed for anyone using the license (i.e., add some contextual language to the human readable part of the license – e.g., the way the new wiki license beta has been handled).

Thoughts? Please send them to the listserv at http://lists.ibiblio.org/mailman/listinfo/cc-education.