Draft Language for cc.edu

So, after a very long delay, here is the draft language of the Creative Commons license option for permitting only educational uses:

You may not exercise any of the rights granted to You in Section 3 above except in satisfaction of both of the following conditions:

(i) You do so in a manner that is directly related to and of material
assistance to the primary teaching and learning activities of an educational institution, and

(ii) You do so solely for educational purposes.

An “educational institution” is a school or other organization primarily
and directly engaged in facilitating teaching and learning.

Rationale below. Please direct comments to the cc-education list.

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Why cc.edu is a good thing

Unsurprisingly, before the license language has even been announced folks have begun arguing that the Creative Commons Education (cc.edu) license is a bad thing. Below I present an extended argument explaining why cc.edu is a great thing for the “open education” movement and similar efforts. The draft language should be appearing on the Creative Commons site: http://creativecommons.org/ later today.
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Creative Commons Education License Draft

Today we finalized the draft language for the Creative Commons Education license. Props to Kevin Rothman of “Cooley Godward LLP”:http://www.cooley.com/ for a great review of the legal literature and expressing some great ideas in legalese. The language should be available for comment Monday; please join the “cc-education mailing list”:http://lists.ibiblio.org/mailman/listinfo/cc-education to participate in the draft review and make sure that the license will meet your needs.