Lumen Learning Update – Saving Students $700,000 Fall 2013

This month is the one year anniversary of Lumen Learning, the “RedHat for OER” I founded with Kim Thanos in October, 2012. It’s been an incredible first year, and we’ve learned a million lessons along the way – and we continue to learn more about what it takes to support OER adoption at scale every … Read more

Lumen Learning: A Red Hat for OER

Last week I wrote about the many goals I have for the open education movement, and how a Fellowship from the Shuttleworth Foundation is enabling me to spend focused time pursuing them. While I tried to lay out a compelling vision of what I want to accomplish last week, I didn’t discuss the how. Clearly, … Read more

New Degreed Beta

Educators are frequently criticized for being disconnected from reality, with insults along the lines of “Those who can, do. Those who can’t, teach.” I’m very cognizant of these criticisms and agree that there’s terrific danger in faculty remaining disconnected from the “real world” while trying to prepare student to thrive out in it. One of … Read more