Ending the Stephen/David Saga

So I believe it is safe to say that (1) Stephen and I have agreed that we don’t really know each other, and (2) that our interests are similar. Below is hopefully the last (this is taking up waay too…

More on Joining the Inst Tech Blogging Community

My blogging mentor “Brian”: has put up a follow-on to my humble attempt at getting people up and running with blogs in the instructional technology community. Check out “Electric Boogaloo”:archives/000091.html, which includes a link to “George”:http://www.elearnspace.org/cgi-bin/elearnspaceblog/’s “list of ‘eduBloggers’”: I’ve…

Boggled in the Blogosphere

I don’t know if I’ve ever been more stunned than I was this morning reading Stephen’s recent comment to my “Community piece”:http://www.reusability.org/blogs/david/archives/000085.html… As the famous Monty Python skit goes, “some were bitter; others, confused.” Thoughts below.