Tell Creative Commons What NonCommercial Means

This should be the largest of all indicators that there is a huge problem with CC’s NC clause – Creative Commons is currently hosting a survey asking the community to help them understand what the term means. I mean, they’re only the authors of the license! đŸ™‚ Head on over and let your voice be heard.

2 thoughts on “Tell Creative Commons What NonCommercial Means”

  1. Kia ora

    Hang about David.

    As I see it, CC are asking for readers’ opinion to help CC understand what readers think NC means. That’s quite different from how I think you’ve interpreted it. If you read it again it says, that CC

    want to provide additional information for creators (includes all readers) about the contexts in which the NC term may further or impede their intentions with respect to the works they choose to share, and we want to make sure that users clearly understand those intentions“.

    If CC are to help readers understand the NC terms in the best possible way they must first understand the way they have already interpreted the terms. In teaching this is what’s often known as pre-assessment. It permits a teacher to know areas of deficiency and, in particular, areas of misconception, before the learning proceeds beyond a strategic point.

    I applaud what CC are doing here. If people are to make best use of CC they need to also understand what the terms are. This questionnaire will hopefully provide CC with such information as necessary to bring forward well written and understandable terms of use for readers like you and me.

    Catchya later
    from Middle-eatth

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