Downes and Wiley: Continuing the Conversation

Stephen recently suggested that the two of us sit down for a day-long conversation. I thought it was a brilliant idea. So on August 11, as a pre-conference event at this year’s Open Education 2009 in Vancouver, Stephen and I will sit down for a full day of conversation about anything and everything open education. We’ll open the conversation to the public, but this will be a serious conversation – don’t come looking for pot-shots and cheap one-liners. We’ll be transcribing the day’s conversation and publishing it as a book afterward.

If two “stronger” personalities like Stephen and myself are to sit down for a conversation, a strong moderator is probably a useful idea. Know someone you think is up to the task? Want to volunteer yourself? Make your nominations in the comments below.

See you in Vancouver!

7 thoughts on “Downes and Wiley: Continuing the Conversation”

  1. I think fellow organizer Chris Lott would make a fantastic choice for moderator. He gets this issue deeply and is also one of the best facilitators I have even seen in action.

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