Long Live Folksemantic!

Writing about how folksonomic approaches can combine with semantic web approaches to give us a less-expensive-best-of-both-worlds was some of the more useful stuff I did while at USU working with COSL. As a play on words, I called the resulting applications “folksemantic,” which became an active research line whose work was originally funded by the Mellon Foundation. Thankfully, Director Brett Shelton and the other folks at COSL are keeping the folksemantic dream alive, as well as several of the projects that were funded under that “brand name.” I received this invitation from COSL today:

Folksemantic is a project to create tools that increase the impact of open education resources by helping people find, filter, collaborate around, and remix them. As part of the project, work is underway to integrate the OCW Finder, OER Recommender, and Luvfoo. Plans are to improve these tools and add collaboration, personalized recommendation, widgets, and publishing features. COSL is holding an online meeting on March 26 to describe the Folksementic project and solict input. See http://oerrecommender.org/mtg to learn more.

If I may say so, the OER Recommender is probably one of the single most valuable pieces of OER technology in existence today. I hope to see you at the online meeting where we can learn where these tools are going next. If I know the COSL folks, they’ll be headed to incredible places…

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  1. David, this is great to hear! As I think you know, I am a big fan of the work you folks did on the OER Recommender and still regularly show it to people as a hint to what would be possible,

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