Remix: ThruYou

Heard of ThruYou yet?

Lessig says, “Watch this, and you’ll understand everything and more than what I try to explain in my book [Remix].”

Writing for the Huffington Post, Timothy Karr says, “What ThruYOU tells us is that all bets are off. The DNA of our media system has mutated so completely that it’s only a matter of time before our society changes as well.”

Writing for this blog post, David says – Wow.

I suppose the lawyers will invent a new metric of “copyright violations per second” in order to figure out how to sue Kutiman appropriately. Maybe they already developed this metric for Girl Talk? Fortunately, since most YouTube users aren’t members of the RIAA, I guess the Association won’t be able to sue Kutiman under the terms of a membership contract but without the artists’ explicit permission.

Can you watch this and honestly believe that things haven’t changed?