Somebody Better Tell My Colleagues!

In a blog entry that still has me chuckling, my research and I were today described as not being out on the fringe at all, but rather representing “the establishment.” Hopefully someone will point the other faculty in the Instructional Technology department here to this post, so they can see how completely normal I really am… đŸ™‚

2 thoughts on “Somebody Better Tell My Colleagues!”

  1. That’s what happens when the military latches on to your ideas đŸ˜‰ and certainly the measure of success in “mainstreamness” in our field. I would agree in general with you that in the “broad” field of Instructional Technology you are more out there – if for no other reaosn than you acknowledge that theory exists and (yes) does affect how we technolgize (e.g. Habermas)…

  2. Well, speaking for “other faculty,” I don’t think on the fringe is quite the accurate perspective. And I further wouldn’t notice (or care) if others considered you either fringe or establishment.

    On the same note, maybe Downes should be more clear by the comment. I realize he couched his comments in the “it’s my perspective” caveat. But it feels like he’s intimating that having people agree with you is somehow anti-rebel, and not to be admired in the open ed. / resusable circles. The last time I looked, anti-establishment wasn’t in your short list of professional goals, and might even be considered unproductive. Oh no, there I go, being all establishment myself…

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