Reflections on a Conversation about a US National Open Education Policy

I recently attended one of the community meetings discussing whether or not a national open education policy is needed in the US. There were two other meetings I did not attend, so I can’t speak to them. But here are my quick takeaways from the meeting I did attend: There will likely be an effort … Read more

Do We Need a National Open Education Strategy?

tl;dr – In order to be relevant today and in the future, a national open education strategy must (1) know exactly what it is trying to accomplish and (2) deeply integrate generative AI. WICHE is convening a series of conversations this week and next titled, “Do We Need a National Open Education Strategy?” This essay … Read more

Thinking about AI Equity from the Perspective of Broadband Equity

There’s broad recognition that access to high-speed internet is necessary for success in school, work, etc. This recognition has led to a number of state and federal programs to improve access to broadband, like the FCC’s Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) which provides internet subsidies to low-income households. If you believe that access to large language … Read more