Moving to movable type

So Brian Lamb has convinced me that I should swith to movable type for my blog… Shows what a pushover I am… Hopefully this blog will do slightly better than my last.

Disgusted over Eldred

Disgusted. Disappointed. Deflated. Dangling on demoralized. And, most unfortunately, unsurprised. The Supreme Court’s ruling in Eldred vs. Ashcroft shows that Congress in the pocket of the Content Cartel can not (for the next 20 years, anyway) be regulated by the Supreme Court where matters of copyright term are concerned. Here’s to 20 more years of somehow incenting a dead man to produce creative works by allowing him to control a mouse longer. If you haven’t yet seen the interview with Mickey Mouse in which he discusses the decision, you should check it out.

I’m in Columbus today presenting at the Ohio Learning Network Institute. Here’s to hurting the brains of very many people!

AAGH! Trying to get through

AAGH! Trying to get through the last week of school. Even though I’m not teaching this term, I still have grading to do(?), dissertations to read, etc. As noted below, many big announcements on the work front coming soon. I’ll be blogging again once we actually get into the winter break and things settle down some.