Learning objects: difficulties and opportunities

“Learning objects: difficulties and opportunities”:http://opencontent.org/blog/docs/lo_do.pdf is an eight page piece cataloging what I believe to be some of the largest obstacles to the successful use of learning object and some of the biggest opportunities for educational innovation using learning objects.

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LO-blog community meeting

Let’s pretend that a major foundation that is interested in the intersection of learning objects and online community had approached me about sponsoring a meeting of people with said interest, and I had funding to bring 12 or so people together for a multi-day summit this summer to discuss the state of the art and where we go from here. Which is all true.

Who should I invite? You can only nominate five people, and none of them can be you.

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H2O everywhere, but wither FLE3?

“H2O”:http://h2o.law.harvard.edu/index.jsp is a new discussion system out of Harvard that provides scaffolding that overcomes many of the traditional complaints about threaded discussion activities in formal courses. Now if only they supported scaffolds for arbitrary discourse grammars like “FLE3”:http://fle3.uiah.fi/ we could get somewhere…