On the possibility of openly publishing course materials at BYU

A good friend suggested to me yesterday that openly publishing my course materials may not be possible at BYU due to the Brigham Young University Intellectual Property Policy. Curious that such a restriction on my ability to openly share my course materials might exist, I explored the policy in more detail. Here’s what I found. … Read more

Open Education 2008 Registration is Open!

Open Education 2008 Conference registration is now open! This year’s event will be special in a number of ways (more on this soon!), so please come join us for a fabulous event dedicated to open education and – this year – the ten year anniversary of open content!

The future of open source (and open education?)

People love to analogize / equate open education to open source. There are huge problems with this way of thinking… The one that comes first to mind is that many changes to an open source program can be empirically tested to objectively determine whether or not they improve the program (by increasing its speed, decreasing … Read more