WPMU as OCW Platform Update

For a year now I’ve been running the McKay School of Education’s OCW pilot on WPMU. However, I’ve never blogged exactly how I’ve got it setup or how we’re using it. Last summer, in preparation for the pilot, I set up WPMU 2.7 with the following plugins installed across the site: – PageMash – http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/pagemash/ … Read more

WPMU as OCW Platform

We’ve been using WPMU to power our OCW project in the David O. McKay School of Education for a year now. It’s been extremely straightforward and simple to run – every course has its own blog on the WPMU instance. Tons of plugins, drop dead simple migration… I love it. However, as we ramp up … Read more

On fully distributing the social network

Justin and I have been talking a lot lately about what’s wrong with social networking. Much has been written about social network fatigue and about the lack of data portability provided by many of the major social networks. For a variety of reasons, the portability of my identity and the graph of who my friends are and my relationships to them – in other words, me and my social network – is an extremely interesting problem to me. (And as Eric says, every good piece of software starts with a developer scratching his own itch.) Perhaps I’m not so interested in data portability aspects of getting my photos out of Flickr or my bookmarks out of Delicious because it’s already so easy to do. Getting my information about myself and my social network out of Facebook isn’t easy to do…

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