Video from MIT OCW

It’s great to see open education getting press. (More will be coming next week!) At the recent MIT OCW Milestone Event the movement got a lot of praise from Tom Friedman of Flat World fame. Catch the video of Friedman’s keynote talk on OCW over at YouTube.

Social Objects and Campfires

Just found an interesting article about “social objects” via Stephen Downes. Back when I was writing more actively about learning objects, and the desperate need for us to consider the importance of social interaction in learning, I recommended that the proper way to think about educational content was as a campfire. The campfire does, of … Read more

Open… as in Open

Steve Carson writes about a recent survey of Japanese attitudes toward open education projects at universities (like OCWs). I have to agree with his selection of a favorite bit from the survey: Q9: What should be the scope of the universities that open up their lecture materials? (Sample size=1,050) Just well-known public and private universities … Read more