Cape Town Declaration Spoof Both Funny and Depressing

There’s a hilarious spoof of the Cape Town Declaration on Open Education on the iCommons listserv. Gave me a good laugh, and definitely worth a read.

I say hilarious, because the spoof really is funny. However, the spoof is also deeply disappointing because its subtext is a completely irrational, anti-sustainability mindset that is the single biggest threat to the success of the open education movement.

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Cape Town Declaration on Open Education

Today is the launch of the Cape Town Declaration on Open Education! There’s already been lots of commentary; I’ve blogged some of it before. (e.g., Stephen is among the critics.) I expect there will be lots more commentary now that the Declaration has actually launched. I’ll be doing my best to blog it all over … Read more

More on “Intro to Open Ed” Course

Next Monday is the beginning of the Introduction to Open Education course! Hurray! We already have over 20 participants from major US instructional technology programs (Georgia, Indiana, George Mason, South Florida) and folks from six countries outside the US signed up to participate. I suppose the USU participants (my school) are all waiting for next … Read more