A Modest Manifesto, 0.5

It is high time for instructional technologists to get serious about extending free, high quality educational opportunities to everyone. Literally. This modest manifesto lays out a context, rationale, and initial roadmap from here to there.

Improving my blog… with no content at all!

Tonight I’ve added “Brad Choate”:http://www.bradchoate.com/’s excellent “Textile plugin”: and John Gruber’s “SmartyPants plugin”: to the list of mayhem and mania the reusability.org blogs support. Here to quick-typin of some purty text.

OpenContent is closing down

I guess blogs are places where people scoop each other all the time, but since no one reads mine it won?t seem like so much of a scoop. The OpenContent Project is closing its doors.

A Modest History of OpenCourseWare

In this brief piece done for the forthcoming Encyclopedia of Educational Technology, I quickly trace the history of open educational content from the foundation of the GNU project up through MIT’s OpenCourseWare and later developments.

Learning objects as Chia Pets

There have been so many learning objects metaphors that have flown around…. It’s been no secret that I hate the LEGO metaphor, and the seed crystal metaphor I proposed in 1999 hasn’t gone anywhere. So here are a few thoughts…