FHSST Release 0

If only all first releases were as good as these… Mark Horner’s Free High School Science Texts has released version 0 of its materials. Wow! I think I know what the Open High School will be using when we open next year!

Hopefully Mark and his team will choose to migrate the license from the GFDL to CC By-SA now that the new version of the GFDL has made this possible. Otherwise remixing these materials is going to be a nightmare. Even if they become CC By-SA it will still be nigh unto impossible thanks to incompatibilities amongst CC’s own licenses (esp. CC By-SA and CC By-NC-SA). But we shall overcome…

UPDATE: Mark has written back to say that all contributors have agreed to relicensing all FHSST content CC-By!!!

Oh, happy day! Oh, happy day! / When licensing compatibility problems go away!