Online version of the OER Remix Game (beta)

I recently posted a link to the OER Remix Game, a card game you can play with friends to learn about the license compatibility difficulties involved in remixing. Well, if you’ve had a hard time convincing your friends to play the game with you, you can now try a beta of the online (one player) version of the game! You can find it at
OER Remix Game Online.

Your thoughts and feedback would be appreciated. Critical and corrective feedback is, of course, the most useful kind.

2 thoughts on “Online version of the OER Remix Game (beta)”

  1. Early observations:

    1. this is fun!

    2. what’s “question 7”? presumably some larger edu context that’s not visible from that page?

    3. the response, after you indicate all the relicensing options, goes by too fast to read.

  2. 3 edit: if you get the relicensing right, it flashes by too fast; if you get it wrong, the explanation comes up. I guess I was just expecting a “correct, click here to continue” if I got it right.

    4. Is it always possible to get a set of four compatible licenses from the initial 12 cards? I seem to be getting deals where it’s not possible, so I just re-deal. There’s no penalty for that, but if every deal contains at least one possible 4-tet perhaps there should be?

    5. suggestion for levels 2 and 3: the game picks one or two resources and their licenses, and your job is to match the remaining resources. I find myself grabbing all the PD cards available, then looking for BY, and so on. In the real world you might more often have one or more resources already, and be looking for things that you can use with what you have.

    6. meta game: find or make images to go on the faces of all the cards.

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