Special Issues on Open Education – Please submit!

I’m currently involved in two special issues about open education, and if you read this blog the odds are you should submit something to at least one of them!

John Hilton and I are guest editing a special issue of IRRODL about Openness and the Future of Higher Education, with a specific emphasis on things like policy, accreditation, and sustainability, including:

  • Critical perspectives on open education
  • Issues of affordability and openness
  • Openness and accreditation
  • Open models for awarding credit or degrees
  • Open source, open access, or open education policy in higher education
  • Open teaching / massively open online courses (“MOOC”)
  • Sustainable models of creating and sharing open educational resources

Check out the full IRRODL Call for Papers. Proposals are due this Thursday, but full papers aren’t due until May 1.

Erik Duval and I are guest editing a special issue of the IEEE Transactions on Learning Technology called Open Educational Resources: Learning Objects for All! This special issue has a much more technical focus, including things like:

  • automated extraction and generation of metadata that make it easier to find relevant OER’s;
  • ranking of OER’s based on relevancy, including contextual clues, time and place, emotion, etc.
  • repurposing of recordings of synchronous learning events (lectures, discussions, etc.);
  • technical infrastructures for making OER’s available for reuse;
  • tools for remixing OER’s;
  • standards and specifications for content, search, harvesting, adaptation, etc.

Check out the full IEEE TLT Call for Papers. Papers are due March 1.

2 thoughts on “Special Issues on Open Education – Please submit!”

  1. David, Your projects, new websites, Open HS are so on target.

    Much OER literature is centered on institutions. My instinct is to focus on students/potential learners outside the institutions, even out where OLTP is focused. Leveling, enabling is my goal, and OER is the most wonderful opportunity. Let us make it work.

    Your leadership is greatly appreciated. Keep it up.



    Michael A. Peters and Rodrigo G. Britez (Eds.)
    University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA
    [Paperback] 45.00EUR

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    The essays in this edited collection reflect on the nature of open education resources, where the question on openness for education emerges. What is remarkable today are the ways that teachers and institutions now begin to form part of the processes of global exchange and production of a network of global educational commons. The question about the significance of this development, their limits and the consequences for practitioners and institutions from the perspective of teachers is extremely complex. For example, the policy agenda of institutions, states, and international organizations related to the regulation of new technologies facilitates the existence and viability of those resources. This has consequences for the ways that those resources are used and produced by educators. Contributors to this collection, each on their own way, argue that Open Education involves a commitment to openness and is therefore inevitably a political and social project. This books ends with a challenge for those engaged in exploring the potential impacts and possibilities of open education initiatives. The open education paradigm and its consequences for educators and learners speak of an uneven geography where the access to technological infrastructure does not necessarily imply freedom or openness. In those instances, openness in education related to open education initiatives requires an engagement in research about the ways in which policy, cultural, digital and educational environments facilitate a political commitment to open systems of knowledge production and distribution. One thing is sure, as the essays in this book demonstrated so clearly, these developments promise an implicit paradigm of openness and democratic collaboration in education that remains to be realized.

    Educational Futures: Rethinking Theory and Practice volume 27

    ISBN 978-90-8790-680-1 hardback USD99/EUR90

    ISBN 978-90-8790-679-5 paperback USD49/EUR45

    December 2008, 148 pages

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