Geeks Bearing Gifts

Still waiting for mine to arrive, but Geeks Bearing Gifts looks to be absolutely fabulous. Whether you like him or not, Ted Nelson is probably one of the most visionary people of our age. As I’ve written about in a number of places, his work on primedia, transclusion, and reuse generally is the foundation much of my own thinking is built upon. If only learning objects had been built on Ted’s way of thinking instead of object-oriented programming, we might be doing something useful with learning objects even now… /me looks wistfully into the distance… Hopefully it’s not too late for OERs (which are just learning objects with an open license) to learn the lessons of Ted’s visions.

I love that this is published through Lulu (as is the OER Handbook for Educators). Remind me again, who needs the mainstream publishers?

3 thoughts on “Geeks Bearing Gifts”

  1. Thanks for the nudge, looking soon for postal person bearing books from Lulu… and ditto the thought about on-demand printing, which makes so much sense for publisher and reader (and is even fun the way runs it).

  2. Which makes me think, most of the books on Lulu (and similar sites) do not benefit from publisher promotion; how do we make sure they can be found? Especially the good ones..

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