6 thoughts on “ELearn 2008 Presentation”

  1. Nice job making the case that higher education faces changes ahead. It seems unlikely, however, that many colleges and universities will be able to answer in the affirmative to your question in slide #71: Can your school find the institutional will to change?

    Another route to change is the indirect one. For an illustration of how this might work, see a slidecast I recently completed that’s called “Imagining Tomorrow’s University”:


  2. Ditto what Carolyn Campbell said. I’d love to hear (or see or read) the fleshed-out version.

    As it is I’m compiling an annotated bibliography on teaching at the university level for a class assignment. I’ll include this presentation.

  3. I was program chair of the E-Learn conference and can say that it was a fabulous presentation that David gave in Las Vegas. So good, I am about to share these slides with my students. I thoroughly enjoyed it and we hope we can bring David back to another AACE conference. David’s presentation will be posted to the E-Learn Website in a week.


    David is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!

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