OpenEd 2008 Paper Submission Ends Today!

If you have an idea, project, paper, or any other form of activity (believe me, we’re open to nontraditional!) you’ve been considering submitting to the Open Education Conference 2008, today is the day! Head over to and submit today!

We’re looking forward to another awesome conference this year. As Brian Lamb recently gushed:

The conference is a fantastic mix of academic and practical topics, where open source technology, open content, sustainable models, and net culture mix into a delicious and sneaky subversive brew. And though Logan can seem a bit remote for travelers, the drive through the canyons of Utah to get there is stunningly beautiful, and the city itself has many charms – I’ve come to think of it as one of my adopted homes. Expect the COSL folks to run a conference that is logistically flawless, yet relaxed, friendly and fun.

Remember that our keynotes this year, all of whom will focus on issues of sustainability, include Teresa Malango from Magnatune (the CC-licensed music label), Gary Lopez from MITE, the National Repository of Online Courses, Hippocampus, and several other projects, and Wayne Mackintosh from the Commonwealth of Learning and Wikieducator. Each will talk about their unique – and successful – approach to sustaining open content projects.

Hoping to see you there!

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  1. I tried to submit on Monday David, but the submission system didn’t seem to be working – kept taking me back to the home page. I emailed it, but don’t know if it was accepted via this route. Others may have had a similar problem

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