OpenEd 2008 Submissions and Scholarships!

Hear ye, hear ye! The Open Ed 2008 presentation submission system is online. (A nod to the great folks at SFU who produce the Open Conference Systems software goes here.) Check out the OpenEd 2008 Call for Papers and submit your proposal! In addition to traditional presentations, we’ll also be accepting technical demonstrations – so even if you don’t have a paper to present, come show off your edupunk DIY PLE project. Submissions are due by June 30, 2008.

Our keynotes this year, all of whom will focus on issues of sustainability, include Teresa Malango from Magnatune (the CC-licensed music label), Gary Lopez from MITE, the National Repository of Online Courses, Hippocampus, and several other projects, and Wayne Mackintosh from the Commonwealth of Learning and Wikieducator. Each will talk about their unique – and successful – approach to sustaining open content projects.

I’m also extremely excited to announce that thanks to the generous support of the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, we are offering four scholarships to OpenEd 2008. The scholarships include complimentary full registration and four nights of hotel accommodations in Logan, plus up to $750 towards your travel! Details on how to apply are on the OpenEd 2008 Scholarship page.

Please spread the word about the Call for Papers and the Scholarships. Many thanks!

2 thoughts on “OpenEd 2008 Submissions and Scholarships!”

  1. Great! Just a remark for anybody who might join an oer event a few months before (hoping David doesn’t consider it as a spam!):

    Advocates of open education resources, open source development, and open knowledge building all hope—even promise—to use and build on information in the public domain. They do so in order to equalize access to information and
    educational opportunities for learners all over the world. Sponsors and individuals also build collaborative communities to create knowledge, objects and information for the public good, using information technology to spread their tools and resources widely. With such high expectations, we must ask:
    Is it working? How do we know? When will we know?
    Is the “open education movement” filled with overwhelming optimism?

    > >
    > > Join the conversation at the Commons.
    > > June 16 – 19, 2008
    > >

  2. “we must ask:
    Is it working? How do we know? When will we know?
    Is the “open education movement” filled with overwhelming optimism?”

    No to quote that optimist Feynman – surely its simply the pleasure of finding out

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