2 thoughts on “Clay Shirky on Where People Find the Time”

  1. Last week I taught my assessment students a little classical test theory and, of course, reliability. I had created a spreadsheet for the students to enter quiz results, and then get a KR-20 coefficient. The point of the exercise was for them to play around with the numbers and find which patters resulted in various levels of reliability.

    One of the students asked where I found that “program” (he meant “spreadsheet”). When I told him I had written it he asked, “Do you *ever* get bored?”

    That question has been with me for six days now, and I realize, “No. I don’t get board.” As Shirky would put it, I have found ways to spend my cognitive surplus online or in the real world. AND, when all else fails, there are books I haven’t read yet.

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