Coming Out of Silent Mode

Flat World Knowledge, the start-up company I am involved with, is officially out in the open now. We were featured on NPR’s Marketplace this evening. Program audio is also available.

Flat World Knowledge is a company dedicated to open textbooks. The videos on the website tell the story really well. I look forward to your feedback on what we’re doing!

UPDATE: Also see the Professors Gone Paperless article at Inside Higher Ed, and 1,000 Professors Sign Statement for Affordable Textbooks at Make Textbooks Affordable.

7 thoughts on “Coming Out of Silent Mode”

  1. Intriguing. I just emailed Jeff with a few questions on how I could become involved. I’ve always wanted to produce something like David Williams’ online text on qualitative inquiry, but it wouldn’t count on the tenure track.

    Having a publisher willing to stand behind the project may solve that issue. Rather than stating in my dossier that I’m writing a free-online textbook, it would say I am writing a textbook for “Flat World Knowledge Publishing.

  2. Congrats! I just watched all the videos and it looks like a great idea! Can’t wait until it officially gets off the ground!

  3. Congratulations from far far far away… Valencia (Spain). Excellent idea. I’ve already posted it to my blog. I wonder if this is only for the US market/students/teachers…I think it’d be a total blast here in Spain (or in South America) too. Is there any way to test it? CONGRATS, again.

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