Research in Physics and Education Do Have Something in Common

Although this was written as a critique of physics, truer words were never spoken about educational research:

Science is corrupted when it abandons the discipline of empirical validation or dis-confirmation. It is also weakened when it mistakes its assumptions for facts and its ready-made philosophy for the way things are. (Smolin and Unger)

Oh, how I wish more people would embrace this way of thinking about educational research…

1 thought on “Research in Physics and Education Do Have Something in Common”

  1. I recently purchased the book (from Powell’s đŸ™‚ ) on the strength of the NPR review linked above! Haven’t made it past the ToC yet, but looking forward to reading. The authors also have an appendix wherein they highlight and explain a number of items they disagree over.

    The quote applies to educational research, yes, and things people share on social media, and discussions of politics, and…so much more.

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