Come Work at USU!

The Instructional Technology Department at Utah State University (my academic home and the home of the Center for Open and Sustainable Learning) has a faculty opening. We’re not looking for expertise in a specific area of instructional technology – just a super smart, hard working, great-to-get-along-with colleague to help move the field forward.

The job description is online, and the first steps of the application process are all electronic. Personally, I’m excited by the follow excerpt from the description:

Applicants must be able to teach courses in one or more of the following general areas:

1. learning sciences,
2. instructional design,
3. research methods,
4. e-learning/distance education,
5. open education,
6. multimedia design and development,
7. performance improvement and training,
8. learning theory,
9. school library media,
10. assessment/evaluation.

See number 5? Open education isn’t an afterthought here – we actually put it right in the job description. đŸ™‚

The job is posted as “open rank,” meaning that we’re open to junior and senior faculty, and everyone in between. Come join the family and work in one of the most enjoyable, rewarding academic climates you’ll ever experience!

(If you have a blog, I’d really appreciate it if you would run a small mention of this announcement on your site!)

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