Changes to the Open Ed Course Syllabus

There’s a great (but so far, small) discussion about ways to improve the Intro to Open Ed course going on over on the wiki. There are a lot of fabulous ideas, some of which are difficult to implement in the middle of a course. However, there is one idea that we can and absolutely should implement. Megan suggests:

I think it would be an improvement to have one week where we have readings and comments on our own, and the following week where we comment on others work. Gives me a chance to form my own ideas and questions, and then have feedback.

So, as of today, I’ve updated the syllabus to implement this great idea. Weeks 10-15 are all updated, so please make sure you’re working from the most recent copy of the syllabus. There are a number of other great ideas re: how we tag our posts, etc., that are worth looking at.

Thanks to everyone for your patience with this experiment, and for helping to make it better! Please keep sending your ideas, and please keep up the great work!

1 thought on “Changes to the Open Ed Course Syllabus”

  1. In the updating of Weeks 10-15 the pratical part concerning the design of an OER is missing.

    I hoped to share the design of this resource of mine with the group:

    and re-disign it in the prospective of Open Education Content Creation and Usage. At present everything is armour-plated in my website 🙁

    An article about it has been published last month by Humanising Language Teaching:


    P.S. Anyway thank you very much for the opportunity you gave me with this course which is still a work in progress in my blog.

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