More Thinking about the Open Education Infrastructure

#OpenEd14, the 11th annual Open Education Conference, has given me the opportunity to do some additional thinking about the Open Education Infrastructure. Unfortunately, thinking about infrastructure inexorably leads to creating diagrams.


Because I’m hosting the conference I don’t time to write an extensive commentary now. Let me just say that people often ask, “What would people do if an open education infrastructure existed?” The primary answer is engage in open pedagogy. OER and the other components of the open education infrastructure are means, not ends. The end goal of the infrastructure, of course, is supporting better teaching and learning.

A secondary answer is that the open education infrastructure provides people with new (and previously impossible) opportunities to create and experiment with open sustainability models or open business models.

More on this soon.

1 thought on “More Thinking about the Open Education Infrastructure”

  1. I look forward to hearing more from you on this topic. Specifically, what do you mean by “Open Outcomes” and “Open Assessment?”

    In my mind, I’m picturing common standards and common assessments, but I’m not convinced that “common” clearly equates with “open.”

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