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A fun service over at measures your “online identity” on a scale of 1 to 10. I did pretty well:

Your online identity score is 10 out of a possible score of 10. Congratulations. You are digitally distinct. This is the nirvana of online identity. Keep up the good work, and remember that your Google results can change as fast as the weather in New England.

It was pretty crazy to see that in a Google search for “David Wiley” 25 of the first 30 results were about me (i.e. there were only five results about some other David Wiley in the first three pages of Google results). What does this mean at the end of the day? I’m not sure… but my wife will have to work extra hard to help me get my already oversized head through the doorway for a while. :p

4 thoughts on “Online Identity Calculator”

  1. Interesting. My name brought back a 7.3, and Matthew Buckley brought back a 7.0.

    21 results of Marion Jensen were about me, but only 9 of Matthew Buckley. And yet that still ranked high. I think it was because Matthew Buckley returned 15,000 hits, and Marion Jensen only returned 564.

    Looks like I need to work on my electronic footprint.

  2. Golly, I got a 7. I thought my 14,500 hits, having all of the first 30 be about me and having them be about me or my stuff was pretty good, but I need to read Chapter 11. I’m going to finish writing this grant instead.

  3. 99,300,000 hits and with all the Mayors, professors, and artists I only scored a 0.3 – I need a new name if I want an online identity.

  4. Somehow, with only 1 out of 30 Google results being about me, I got a 9. The only correct hit was the 30th, which points to the IP&T alumni page.

    Of course, I share the name of a Liberal Democrat MP from Tauton, who tends to hog the Google results, and I use my real name online judiciously.

    I also did not appreciate the fact that “Professor” is not on the list of Job Functions.

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