A few months ago I blogged about a project idea called Send2Wiki, that would let you (via a bookmarklet) send any page you’re viewing in your browser directly into a wiki for instant editing / remixing. Today I’m happy to announce that the first alpha of Send2Wiki is available! You can play with it over at

Send2Wiki includes preliminary support for license detection and preservation, automated translation (via Google Language Tools), PDF support, and chrome-stripping for specific sites (some OCWs and wikipedia at this point).

The service is still definitely in alpha, and all the data you put in while you play around is likely to get nuked at some point in the future, but I would love your feedback about the idea generally and about the implementation specifically. What features are missing that we definitely need? Have any logo ideas?

The goal of the project is to make it really, really easy for people to reuse and adapt open content. Does it do that?

2 thoughts on “Send2Wiki”

  1. I just tried it out with a couple of my blog posts, and it works pretty well. This is too wild! I love this.

    Is this something that might eventually be spun out so we could install it on our own MediaWiki installations as an extension? Or does the architecture of the application require it to be hosted by you. The ability to install this on our applications would cut one small step in the reuse process — but even this makes it easy to cut-and-paste a blok of wikiformatted text. You guys rock!

    I’m starting to get seriously excited by the potential for MediaWiki based on some of the extensions and uses I’m seeing recently.

  2. Very nice! Where might we get the source? (I did try to find it before asking. :)) I see where you said there would be a full version in April, but we’d be interested in testing, debugging, etc. if you’d like more help.

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